'Pokemon GO' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Still Track Pokemon Without Scanners or Trackers

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 07, 2016 09:25 AM EDT

Trackers, scanners, and maps that can access Niantic servers were already shutdown by the "Pokemon GO" team and all the players are left with the game's "nearby" option. Here are some tips from other players that could be useful to still track Pokemon who is seen in your nearby list according to Heavy.

Combining Ingress with Restarting To Find Nearby Pokemon

First, you will have to restart your "Pokemon GO" app just to be sure that those Pokemon appearing in your nearby list will not give you the wrong information. All Pokemons shown in the list are found within 200 meters near you. But take note that if you are currently in the process of hatching eggs, restarting might reset your progress. So make sure that the distance of your egg has been updated before restarting.

Next, you should have Ingress installed on your mobile device. When playing, you should open Ingress and look at the map for XM concentrations near you. XM fields that are said are tightly packed, or are loose but widespread, are most likely to have Pokemon. (Download for Android here or for iOS here.)

User-Submitted Data Of Map Websites And Apps Still Work

If living in a bigger city, there are still some options for you. Rather than using Niantic servers, Skiplagged utilizes crowdsourced data for their own maps. It gathers information from real people who are using the app and using their phones to gather data.

Go Radar is reported to still works. The app lets you scan and filter through Pokemon. Both the apps are only useful in cities with lots of player who plays "Pokemon GO."

Creating Your Own Map in Places You Visit A Lot

You can even create yourself a guide to use in finding Pokemon. A Reddit user posted a guide on how to create your own tracker. All you need to do is create a Google My Map and walk around your place and mark the place where you caught a Pokemon. You have to do this on different days using random paths until you can figure out the exact spawn time.

Using A Protractor To Find Pokemon

Another way that still works to locate Pokemon is by radius-based tracking method developed by another Reddit user. The method is very good in tracking rare Pokemon that is on your tracker. This is considered to be the best solution so far when used together with Ingress.

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