Xbox One S Latest News & Update: Xbox Scorpio Hardly Stole The Show

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 08, 2016 08:02 AM EDT

Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox One S last week with the most expensive 2 TB version now up for grabs. It remains to be seen who would consider getting the latest game console though there are worries that the Xbox Scorpio could harm demand.

As far as Microsoft boss Phil Spencer is concerned, revealing the Xbox Scorpio is well and good. He sees no competition among his ranks for the game consoles, emphasizing on transparency towards customers as the more important aspect.

True enough, Microsoft wants to show the world that they have nothing to hide and are giving them a front-row glimpse on the product they are buying. And thus far, the tactic has been working swell for the company according to Spencer.

The Xbox One S is priced at $400, the top model among variants with its spacious storage space. There is no word yet on the 1 TB and 500 GB version which will be priced at $350 and $300 respectively. The belief is that they should be made available soon.

Time to spare for the most powerful console

One thing that drew many to pay attention to the Xbox Scorpio is Microsoft’s own doing. The said console is being tipped as the ‘most powerful console ever made’, featuring six teraflops of performance according to GameSpot.

The Xbox Scorpio is not expected to debut until late 2017. Pricing for the game console is still unknown as well as other features it may carry.

The only thing certain right now is that the developers are hard at work on creating games and the hardware aspect of the Xbox Scorpio. The main focus of the game console is to deliver games via high resolution.

There will be no exclusives which somehow cast a big question mark on what the game console can possibly (and impressively) have to offer.

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