Microsoft's Phil Spencer Talks About 'Destiny 2'

Microsoft's Phil Spencer Talks About 'Destiny 2'

Fresh from last week's official announcement of the Project Scorpio's official hardware specifications, Microsoft continues to encourage discussions regarding its upcoming flagship game system

by Michael Augustin


Project Scorpio Official Reveal Date Confirmed

Fans of Microsoft's Xbox gaming systems have more reason to be excited as news regarding the company's Project Scorpio has steadily increased in the past weeks.

by Michael Augustin

Project Scorpio NOT UPGRADABLE? Double Confirmed? - Gaming News

Microsoft Confirms Project Scorpio Will Be Non-Modular

As the E3 2017 game show draws closer, fans have begun to speculate some of the features of Microsoft's Project Scorpio.

by Michael Augustin

Xbox - Project Scorpio

Microsoft's Official Project Scorpio Page Goes Live

Microsoft is reportedly preparing to make 2017 their year with their upcoming flagship console dubbed the Project Scorpio.

by Michael Augustin

Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Announcement Trailer | PS4

Microsoft Confirms 'Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War' As First Project Scorpio Game

After the recent news about Monolith Productions' "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War" being an Xbox Play Anywhere title, Microsoft's Phil Spencer reportedly confirmed that the game is going to be a Project Scorpio title.

by Michael Augustin

Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Announcement Trailer | PS4

Microsoft Confirms 'Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War' Xbox Play Anywhere

Hot in the heels of its accidental leak, Monolith Productions has confirmed that "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War" is being developed for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

by Michael Augustin

Xbox - Project Scorpio

Microsoft Likely Will Show Off Xbox Project Scorpio On June 11

Microsoft has reportedly posted some news via their Xbox Twitter page that further teased the unveiling of its next-generation flagship game system called Project Scorpio.

by Michael Augustin

A Day with Phil Spencer - Head of Xbox

Phil Spencer Reportedly Pleased With Microsoft's 'E3 2017' Lineup

Reports estimate that most people are probably thinking about this year's incoming "E3" event.

by Michael Augustin

Microsoft VIP Lounge At The Hard Rock Hotel

Project Scorpio Features: Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer Shares Experience Playing The Console First Time

Phil Spencer has recently announced on twitter that he's really happy with the development of Project Scorpio.

by Paige McClure

Xbox Scorpio Will Not Compete with High End PCs & It Will Be At Console Price Point

Xbox Scorpio VS PlayStation 4 Pro: Xbox Scorpio Not Competing Against PS 4 Pro; Specs Far Better?

Xbox Project Scorpio claim that it is not competing with PlayStation 4 Pro since it is capable of many things PS 4 Pro cannot do.

by Yang Llaneza

Giant Bomb @ E3 2015 - Phil Spencer Explains How Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Works

Xbox Latest News & Update: Xbox Boss Praises Nintendo; Does This Mean We’ll See Mario on Xbox Platforms Soon?

Xbox’s Phil Spencer seems consistent in pushing a Microsoft-Nintendo partnership.

by Arianne Gift

Xbox Scorpio Console Reveal Trailer - E3 2016

Xbox Scorpio Specs, Features, Price & Latest Update: Why New ‘Beast’ Console Will Cost More Than Xbox One S

Ahead of its release, Xbox execs are already prepping the masses for Xbox Scorpio’s high price.

by Arianne Gift

Grand Theft Auto Video Game Rakes In 800 Million Dollars Within One Day Of Sales

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility for November 2016 News and Updates: Top 3 Games Fans are Requesting This Month

Before the list of games for the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility this November is released, fans have listed the titles they want included in the monthly offering.

by Nens Mitchell

Xbox 360 Longplay [015] Blue Dragon (Part 1 of 23)

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games News & Update: Xbox 360 Game ‘Blue Dragon’ Added to the List! More Details Here!

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games are on a roll. Calling all Xbox One fans: more titles are up!

by Arianne Gift

Xbox One S

Xbox One S Latest News & Update: Xbox Scorpio Hardly Stole The Show

Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox One S last week with the most expensive 2 TB version now up for grabs. It remains to be seen who would consider getting the latest game console though there are worries that the Xbox Scorpio could harm demand.

by Snooky Grawls

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