‘Hearthstone: One Night in Karazhan’ Expansion Latest News: Wrong Cards On Deck?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 09, 2016 02:36 PM EDT

Blizzard hosted the launch party for “Hearthstone” in Los Angeles recently but the night was not totally one filled with celebration. There were the unforeseen issues that eventually popped up and it concerned the upcoming expansion, “One Night in Karazhan”.

Unhappy “Hearthstone” gamers

Much of the fan reaction were seen on Reddit, gamers expressing their dismay on the new cards. Most pointed out the fraught relationship between Blizzard and the “Hearthstone” community, criticizing the balance and ranking of certain card characters like the Priest and/or Paladin.

A result of being over-hooked?

The best way to generalize the backlash is that “Hearthstone” players have shown so much passion that their premium on balance and the new cards is in display.

While that is a positive way to look at it, game designers did their share to try and connect with the fans to cover the disappointments.

The angst among “Hearthstone” fans is understandable. A lot have invested heavily in terms of time and money so one can just imagine the anguish many got when the “One Night in Karazhan” came out. They are emotionally tied up to the card game which have somehow gotten the better of them.

Then again, the reactions could be an impulse even before the “One Night in Karazhan” comes out. The cards don’t officially come out until Aug. 11 so the tide may just turn once they get to play the intro mission.

Things may change on Aug. 11

Instant access to the “Hearthstone: One Night in Karazhan” mission will be up in a couple of days after which the remaining adventures can be played in four weeks.

Players will have the option to buy the full “One Night in Karazhan” expansion via in-app purchase for $19.99. For the “Hearthstone” players who want the additional missions, they can be added by shelling out 700 gold or paying it in real-time money ($6.99).

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