‘Overwatch’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: ‘Genji’ Flawed? Nerf Calls Mount

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 09, 2016 02:54 PM EDT

“Overwatch” is a pretty competitive game and is thus not spared from criticism as far as the characters it has on its lineup. One popular character is “Genji” who players are claiming to possess god-like powers.

A lot of the complaints come from the competitive players of “Overwatch” who are bringing up “Genji’s case on Reddit. Many are claiming that when they play (or play against) “Genji”, are hard to pin down.

Who is “Genji”?

For the benefit of folks not entirely familiar with “Genji” he is one of more mobile characters on Blizzard’s “Overwatch” armed with the ability to spread ‘shurikens’. His agility makes him a hard target to take down and players are now calling on Blizzard to nerf the character.

Aside from his uncanny mobility, “Genji” comes equipped with Zarya shields and Lucio/Ana ults. Right now the debate on whether Blizzard should make the necessary tweaks to tone down the hard-to-defeat character is on. But is “Genji”really flawed?

Player frustrations mounting?

The issue could be a result of competitive flayers who have been frustrated with each encounter of “Genji”. Going over his abilities and powers, the character is made to be tough nut to crack. He is gifted both on the offensive and defensive sides of melees.

Right now, there is no telling if Blizzard will make the necessary tweaks and give in to the gamer’s demands. Some view it nothing more as a debate to make the game easier with players opting not to risk facing him on “Overwatch”.

An alternative to nerfing “Genji”

Blizzard has likely heard of the player cries but may not necessarily do the adjustments on “Genji”. Instead, game developers resort to something different. This includes improving crowd control which could force “Genji” to perform conservatively.

Sombra could be the answer

If not, it could be a case of using the wrong character. Though no one on the current roster seems to pan up, an upcoming “Sombra” character could balance the odds.

The whole issue seems to be bloated with players simply wanting to climb up the ranks the easy way. With the Top 500 for the game’s season rewards and First Competitive Play season coming to a close on Aug. 18, any decision on this will fall on Blizzard’s shoulders.

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