'Pokemon Go' Battle Tips & Tricks: What Are Gyms And How To Take Them Like A Pro?

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 11, 2016 09:30 AM EDT

Just barely over a month since the official release of "Pokemon Go," trainers are getting ready to try other features of the hit mobile game. Starters generally learn how to search, capture, hatch and evolve Pokemon. The next step involves "Pokemon Go" gyms, which will require some strategy and a decent level.

"Pokemon Go" gyms are places where trainers can battle their little creatures as well as properly represent their respective teams. "Pokemon Go" gyms can initially be accessed when players reach Level 5. They will be asked to join one of the three available teams, namely Team Mystic (Blue), Team Valor (Red) or Team Instinct (Yellow), headed by Blanche, Candela and Spark, respectively. Once a player chooses a team, the two others will be their rival teams.

Zam explained that "Pokemon Go" gyms will have a certain color. If it is the same color as the player's, it is a friendly gym where they can train their Pokemon and increase their team prestige level. The other colors are rival gyms which players can challenge. Those who successfully defeat rival gyms will lower the latter's prestige level in "Pokemon Go." Gyms can house more Pokemon if these have higher levels. Players can put Pokemon to defend a gym if it is a friendly gym and there is an available slot.

VG247 revealed that winning "Pokemon Go" gym battles will require increasing the Pokemon CP and powering up top fighters. The first approach is to evolve, while the second way is to power up the Pokemon, which will require both Candy and Stardust. Next, learn about the specific weaknesses of the Pokemon to battle. Each type of Pokemon has weaknesses so choosing the right character in "Pokemon Go" can give players a huge advantage.

Players should also learn the two move types in "Pokemon Go," called Charge Moves and Fast Moves. Pokemon in the mobile game do not learn new abilities and keeps its move set throughout. Charge Moves deal more damage but will consume stamina, while Fast Moves are quick and help save stamina. More updates and details on "Pokemon Go" are expected soon.

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