‘No Man’s Sky’ PC Release Date, Gameplay & Guide: PC Version Opens Today, Learn How to Reach the Center of The Universe

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Aug 12, 2016 10:02 AM EDT

"No Man's Sky' PC release will be a bit delayed for its PlayStation 4 counterpart. Fortunately, PC gamers need to wait only a few hours more to get the chance at cracking the game's challenges.

'No Man's Sky' PC Release Schedule

In the game's support page, Hello Games announced that "No Man's Sky" PC version will be available for download from Steam today August 12, 2016 at 10AM PST (US) / 1PM EST (US) / 6PM BST (UK) or 7PM CEST. Unfortunately, the company announced that pre-loads are not available so PC gamers will have to wait as long as it takes to download the entire 2.6 GB of game code.

'No Man's Sky' PC Release Item Changes

In addition, the "No Man's Sky" PC release will have some name changes to some of the items that comes with preordering the game. For instance, Hello Games warns that the Alpha Vector ship will now be named Domanish S84 when the game becomes available to PC players. For US-based player, their Rezosu AZ65 will now be named Final Shadow XIV.

'No Man's Sky' PC, PS4 Guide: Reach Center Of The Universe Fast

The game, whether the "No Man's Sky" PC release or its PlayStation 4 version, is insanely huge. In fact, exploration by players in the various sectors of the gargantuan No Man's Sky universe is encourage as exploration is part of fun.

However, those players who are bent on going directly to the No Man's Sky center of the universe, there are numerous "No Man's Sky" guides to help with that goal as well. And yes, it can be done even without resorting to cheating, which is an encouraging thing for those who want to play fair.

This "No Man's Sky" guide follows the Atlas questline which seems to offer the fastest way to progress to the No Man's Sky center of the universe without cheating, reports Game Spot. The guide highlights the need of crafting and activating the spaceships' hyperdrive. To do this, the initial ship needs to be repaired and launched into space. A marker then appears showing an outpost where an alien will give the player a recipe for the hyperdrive.

Once the hyperdrive is created, a warp cell is needed to power it up. The recipe for crafting a warp cell needs 100 Thamium 9 and an antimatter. The Thamium can be easily mined but the antimatter might be purchased for a steep price at 20,000 units. As an alternative, it can be crafted by following the markers for outposts of nearby planets until one can find an alien who gives the recipe for free.

The next step for "No Man's Sky" PC/PS4 players is to upgrade their hyperdrive. This is an essential step to make one's ship travel 300 light years instead of the usual 100. A Warp Reactor V1 hyperdrive upgrade may be obtained by scouring various Damaged Machineries which could contain salvageable technology or letting aliens experiment and do what they want with one's character in the hope of a hyperdrive upgrade in return.

And finally, "No Man's Sky" PC and PS4 players need to resume the path to the Atlas. When one encounters an Anomaly, Death Star shaped stations, one needs to dock in them and talk to the aliens. They will then offer resources to aid exploration, find a shortcut to the center of the universe or resume path to the atlas. Always, choose the resume the path to Atlas option. In addition, don't sell the Atlas Stones because they will be useful later in the game.

 'No Man's Sky' PC, PS4 Release Dates

"No Man's Sky" release date was last August 9 for PlayStation 4 but was delayed for the PC version until today. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "No Man's Sky" PC version 

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