'Tekken 7' Akuma: Latest Update For Character Being Balanced For PS4 & Xbox One Release

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 13, 2016 08:05 AM EDT

A newest patch for "Tekken 7" has been released recently with a crossover character Akuma who is from "Street Fighter." It is said that this all for the coming console version which could possibly be announced in GamesCon, Tokyo Game Show or any other game events within this year.

The Latest Update Of Akuma

According to  AvoidingThePuddle, the character Akuma has been changed somehow as the characters' version on "Tekken 7" decreased its damage of his moves, both its normal and special moves. Moreover, the said latest patch of "Tekken 7" has made Akuma a threatening choice as it was reported that some of his moves are less safe when blocked. Gamers who will choose Akuma as their character will have to excert more effort if they want a greater damage as the character may be defeated easily if played mindlessly.

 Akuma's Changes For Preparation For The Tekken 7 Consoles

According to Tekken Reddit, gamers said that the character Akuma was originally designed to have an intense ability and the said changes in Akuma's strength and damage is for the preparation of the character in consoles. Speculations have been around online that "Tekken 7" will be available in consoles and the changes are for gamers to prepare for more balanced Akuma.

Akuma's character is said to be the only character with EX meter made similarly as from his character in Street Fighter 4. The character claimed to have both "Tekken" and" Street Fighter" combo which could divert gamers to try "Tekken 7" instead.

Know More About The Rage Mode

Fighting games typically have meters to measure a character's expirence and stats. One of the meters that will be featured in "Tekken 7" is the Rage Attack which is usually triggers when a character has low life. The said Rage Mode system can boost a character's comeback potential and increase their damage in their Rage Mode.

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