'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Speculated 'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 Release? Here is What We Know So Far

By Daniel Flores , Updated Aug 13, 2016 12:56 PM EDT

The augmented reality mobile game known as 'Pokemon Go' is getting a boost with Niantic releasing another Pokemon game with more creatures and features in its arsenal. The company is said to release a new version of "Pokemon GO" next year, along with new patches in Niantic's current flagship mobile game.

In all 151 Pokemons present in "Pokemon Go," 142 are cataloged Pokemons and also, with the five Legendary Pokemons that haven't been added to the game yet. Other regional Pokemons that include, Mr. Mime that can be found in Europe and Tauros, that is seen in North America. While, Kangaskhan is in Australia and Farfetch'd in Asia.

Imminent Release of 'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 Coming Soon?

In "Pokemon Go" the Pokemons featured of the game originated from the Kanto region, which the first generation of Pokemon is based with the TV series released back in 1997. The recent 'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 is rumored to release another set of Pokemons with references with Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver games and it's Pokedex in the previous release of Nintendo.

With that being said, other Pokemons in "Pokemon Go" will have new transformations rather than their standard forms in the First Generation. Pokemons such as Golbat will be Crobat, Onix to Steelix, Scyther turns to Scizor, Chansey to Blissey, Seadra will be Kingdra, and Porygon will be Porygon 2.

With the release of "Pokemon Go" Gen 2, Pokemons will feature a change in its evolution process. Pokemons like Gloom that normally evolves to Bellosom, will be Villeplume, Poliwhirl will be turing to Politoad, instead of Poliwrath, and Eevee will have added evolution forms like Umbreon and Espeon.

Meanwhile, fans predicted other pokemons that will appear in the Next Version of "Pokemon Go." Fans stated that Miltank, Heracross, Smeargle, and Delibird will be next to be the regional pokemons in the game.

'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 Release Date

Before the release of "Pokemon Go" Gen 2, Niantic is rumored to issue three upgrades for "Pokemon Go" in the following months. The speculated releases of the patches are in October for the Trading feature, Trainer Battling Mode in December, and the "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 is rumored to be release in May of 2017.

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