‘Pokemon GO’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Level Up Rewards And Unlockable Items Revealed!

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 13, 2016 11:31 AM EDT

Upgrading level in "Pokemon GO" may be considered as crucial in a quest to catch Pokemons with higher CP. Doing this is not easy for you are not quite sure as to how much experience points you will need in order to rank up.

But recently, there are already leaks spreading online about a new update showing a list of guide that will answer those problems you encounter in playing "Pokemon GO." The new leak have a table that said to show those required experience for a player to reach to the next level. They also provide informations about unlockable items and rewards that players get when they reached a certain level.

According to IGN, every level that you will gain in playing "Pokemon GO" will give you level rewards and item to be unlocked that changes base on your current level. Some reports said that they found out about the list through actively playing and data dumps of the game. Data dumps are files that are already scrapped. This chart is very useful in levelling up for it makes you feel excited as to what you can get on your next level.

According to iTech Post, the usual 30 level capacity is already increase to 40 in the "Pokemon GO." All credits to those players who are using bots to reach those new levels and shared their experience on those levels in between.

Playing "Pokemon GO" encourage those player to go out in order for them to gain more experience and level up. These kind of efforts are said to pay off as they will be rewarded with various sets of items in their journey.

Before this leak came out, "Pokemon GO" players already know the usual way to reach level 30, it is by Gym Battles, visiting many PokeStops and evolving Pokemons.

Know more about the said "Pokemon GO" leaked chart here

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