‘Fallout 4’ Latest News, Release Date & Updates: PlayStation 4 Mods Already Forgotten?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 15, 2016 10:13 PM EDT

Bethesda has a full plate in the coming months, led by the expected release of the expansion for “Fallout 4” this month and then other ones such as the “Skyrim: Special Edition” due on October.

There are more of course but gamers are eager to know the status of the PlayStation 4 mods which have so far been kept in the dark. The “Fallout 4” mod for the PS4 has been obviously delayed once more and the recent response of VP Pete Hines is not helping one bit.

Asked on the state of the “Fallout 4” mods for the PS4, Hines seemed clueless as well when hit with the query. He wasn’t able to elaborate that much on the matter, meaning that there is no significant update for the feature which cropped up a couple of months ago.

Rewinding on the PS 4 mod tease

In a post way back in May, Bethesda revealed that they were in development for the mods which could have been released in June. We are already in August and nothing close to a mod being released has happened.

Issues still unresolved?

The obvious reasons are the problems tied up to the “Fallout 4” mods for the PS4. There are three known issues tied up to the Creation Kit 1.5.4 update. This includes problems tied up to sound file support, limited storage (limited to 900 MB) and the expected display performance issues.

The best update on the state of Creation Kit 1.5.4 is that Bethesda and Sony are in close collaboration to address the problems and that was announced back in June.

The Xbox One users were able to get their mods as scheduled in May so it seems mysterious to see what the real score is with the PS4. Either way, all gamers can do right now is wait some more with lots of people praying for a miracle release this Fall.

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