iPhone 7 Latest News, Release Date & Updates: Shockproof, Waterproof Apple Smartphone Arriving in Late September? More Specs & Features Revealed

By Lady Arianne Apilado Zamora , Updated Aug 17, 2016 07:18 AM EDT

Only a few months more before 2016 ends, but it looks like Apple is not slowing down in developing new gadgets and models for their flagship. The iPhone 7 is reportedly the gadget that Apple plans to make available to the public before the year ends, which would be quite beneficial to the company so that the year-end sales will boost higher.

Reports that the iPhone 7 will be released next month continue to spread, especially since Apple is known for launching their previous gadgets towards the last quarter of the year.  So far, Apple has not yet released an official statement regarding the release of the iPhone 7 but basing on their previous market performance, it will still be patronized by major gadget owners.

In terms of aesthetics, the iPhone 7 will most probably embrace the trend of big yet sleek phone models, just like its predecessors. The latest trend in mobile gadgets have seen the rise of large sized smartphones which is quite surprising, considering the fact that there was also a time when consumers believed in the saying "the smaller the phone, the better."

While there are reports that the iPhone 7 will be pitted against Samsung's latest model, Apple has yet to comment on whether the iPhone 7 will have waterproof features or not.  If iPhone 7 will indeed be blessed with waterproof capabilities, Apple devotees can definitely heave a sigh of relief because the previous models seem to very naked when compared to its tough and grungy competitors.

Another thing that Apple fanatics are hoping for iPhone 7 is for it to be more sturdy and shockproof.  It is a known fact that a lot of iPhone owners have had the screens of their phone cracked by accidentally dropping it.  With regards to battery life, gadget geeks are wondering when would Apple decide to use a removable battery.  Who knows?  It could happen with the release of the new iPhone 7.  Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more iPhone 7 news and updates. 

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