'Kingslaive: Final Fantasy 15' Spoilers, Release Date & Latest News: Fate Of Sean Bean, Aaron Paul's Characters Revealed [Watch Trailer]

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 17, 2016 09:00 PM EDT

While the release of the "Final Fantasy XV" has been delayed, the "Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive" movie will be released in different cinemas across the globe. Some other countries already showed the movie in cinemas so there are already a lot of spoilers available now.

Although the "Final Fantasy" franchise has been a rockstar in its games, the same does not hold true for its movies. Basically, mostly all of their movies have been visual candy, but with a shallow storyline. This however is not the case in "Kingsglaive," as reviews have been soaring and those who have seen it have described it as "absolutely amazing." The movie is canonically significant to the game which is expected to be released on November 29.

"Kingsglaive" is a companion film that corroborates with in-game events. It takes place inside the kingdom of Lucis' crown city of Insomnia. It follows the story of King Regis and Luna as they deal with a truce in the warring empire of Nifehein. To cut it short, the peace treaty involved does not last too long, says a post on IGN.

Those who are familiar with Sean Bean already know what to expect of his character, since the role he plays meets the same fate almost every time. And yes, King Regis or Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII will meet his oblivion in the movie. However, he later on returns to empower Aaron Paul's character as a last resort to defeat the movie's main villain.

Also, Aaron Paul's character Nyx, presumptively dies as he vanishes into thin air while using the ring's power. He used such power in a life-or-death situation in beating the main villain and saving Luna, in which he had to give up his life. The final battle ends up with both the hero and the villain dead. This is because the ring's power does not work well with those outside the King's bloodline.

"Kingslaive: Final Fantasy XV" debuted in Japan in July 9, 2016. It will also be aired on limited cinemas in August 19 in the United States. Then on August 30, it will be fully released on streaming and download. A physical copy of the film on Blu-ray will also be available along with a copy of the deluxe edition of "Final Fantasy XV."

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