‘The Sims 5’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Will Maxis Break The Traditional Five-Year Release Cycle?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 17, 2016 10:59 AM EDT

“The Sims” gamers are still clueless on whether a successor to “The Sims 4” will take place. To date, there is no clear indication that Maxis has mapped out plans on “The Sims 5” though it is not expected to come earlier than 2019.

The hope for “The Sims 5” release continues with gamers hoping to see another life-siumulation game by 2019. This is the period where the traditional five-year cycle lands with “The Sims 4” coming out back in 2014 for the PC.

In a previous post, Game & Guide did tackle the rants of gamers to see a console version. Unlike previous "The Sims" versions, the current version is not likely to have a game console version. If not "The Sims 4", many are now playing with the notion that Maxis could be saving that idea for “The Sims 5”.

Poor sales may have done “The Sims 5” in

One prerequisite to “The Sims 5” is the performance of its predecessor. “The Sims 4” didn’t exactly hit it big with gamers and the ratings it gained from review sites such as GameSpot can attest to such.

With the low ranking, EA and Maxis may be deciding on whether it would be wise to see “The Sims 5”. And even if that were the case, what changes should they do to rebound from a dismal “The Sims 4” performance?

Game Console versions a must

Though it was not mentioned, the fact that “The Sims 4” was limited to the PC version could have been one of the reasons why it didn’t perform well. With most gamers hooked onto game consoles, Maxis and EA may be wise to consider preparing “The Sims 5” for both PCs and the game console variants.

Neuorogadget points out that this could be something worth considering, assuming that there is a “The Sims 5” in the works. As of right now, all gamers can do is wait and hope for the best.

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