'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: Released Gameplay Footage Reveals Characters, Abilities, UI & More! [VIDEO]

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 18, 2016 10:33 PM EDT

Final Fantasy XV was recently reported to be delayed by two months but Square Enix just know how to calm down their fans.

The Final Fantasy game developer Square Enix has released a gameplay footage in English version for the newest Final Fantasy XV. According to an article, the 52-minute footage shows a glimpse of possible gameplay boss battle.

Final Fantasy XV Characters and Abilities 

One of the main characters is Noctis Lucis Caelum. He is known to have an ability to teleport and summon using weapons and obviously, he uses different kind of weapons such as daggers and greatswords.

He also uses Engine Blade which absorbs powers from their defeated enemies. This Engine Blade was given to him on his 16th birthday by Regis.

Gladiolus Amicitia is one of Noct companions who also use Greatsword to strike huge blows that leave their enemies defenceless. He is also known to have the highest maximum HP. Noct's other companion is  Prompto Argentum who has the longest range among the four as he uses firearms in battles.

And lastly, Ignis Scientia is known to be a dagger user among Nocts companions. These daggers can cause extra damage when the enemy is in critical health. Ignis can easily do successive quick attacks on their enemies.

Aside from being a great warrior, he is also considered as the Cook of the group. Foods that are prepared by him boost HP of other characters.  The ingredients he used in cooking are collected in the game. You should get new recipes to widen Ignis' cooking supply.

Noctis can perform many different attacks which includes charged attacks and wrap strike as well as his four companions to back him up. Attacks from behind are also said to give more damage than attacking face to face.

Players can make different spells using those energy that are collected in the game in a magic flask. Players should know how to balance the amount of energy to be use when making spells and poisons to have the best effect. Players can also train or set up a camp in places or when you encounter a used bonfire.

Final Fantasy XV is set to be launched on November 29th. You can also watch the movie Kingsglaive to keep the excitement going.

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