‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Tips, Tricks & Update: How To Work Your Way Evolving Espeon, Umbreon

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 18, 2016 12:02 PM EDT

Most “Pokemon Go” players continue their rush to level up, a prime directive to get hold of higher level CP characters. The fair way is to walk and level up, meaning most may have a long way ahead.

There are some who have cheated their way to attaining high levels on “Pokemon Go” but everyone knows that such carries a risk. It makes no sense to have a high-level account if Niantic eventually bans you.

In fact, there are reportedly some who have already gained the ire of a permanent ban. The last thing “Pokemon Go” players want is getting a permanent ban and going through a tedious appeal process. Much of this was tackled in a previous post.

Leveling Up in a Hurry

Aside from frantically traveling, the best way to level up fast on “Pokemon Go” is through the use of “Lucky Eggs”. In a separate post, it was mentioned that players can only enjoy the perks of the Lucky Egg if they reach a certain level or by spending real money. Lucky Eggs can be of use only at level 9.

Assuming the some “Pokemon Go” players are already at level 9, Lucky Eggs come in the form of rewards. Once hatched, they account for faster XP gains, something that can reportedly be doubled in 30 minutes.

Seeking Espeon and/or Umbreon

Evolution of “Pokemon Go” characters is important in the game and it may be best to keep an eye on Eevee. He can be evolved into Espeon who, if happy, can be a powerful critter to have on your Pokedex. Espeon has the ability to foresee the future and warn gamers of potential threats as long as “Pokemon Go” players find a way to earn his trust.

It is also worth noting that Espeon can also evolve to Umbreon. The difference is that the former is best used during the day and the latter at night time, meaning both are time-dependent. The word out is that Espeon/Umbreon are not yet available. Only “Jolteon”, “Vaporeon” and “Flareon” are currently out so they may have to do until Espeon or Umbreon is officially available.

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