'Nintendo NX' Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Nintendo NX To Feature Tegra X2 Chip! More Powerful Than The PS Neo?

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 23, 2016 06:33 AM EDT

"Nintendo NX" and PlayStation Neo are the new upcoming consoles that are making gamers very hyped and they want to know how both will be competing against each other. Although the Sony PlayStation is known for its very powerful consoles, the new "Nintendo NX" is reported to have Tegra X2 Chip.

The Nintendo NX With Its Tegra X2 Chip

People in the NX project have confirmed that "Nintendo NX" will come with a Tegra chip. However it has been thought that it will be the Tegra X1 chip but now it is confirmed that the Tegra X2 will be used to power up the new console as reported by Segment Next.

The X1 chip was first released in 2015 that had a Maxwell-based graphics processing unit with four ARM Cortex A53 cores. While the Tegra X2 will have two Denver 2 cores that will also have four ARM Cortex A57. It is said that for its GPU, they will be using Pascal architecture.

With these details revealed, it can be said that the new "Nintendo NX" will be having faster communication between its CPU and GPU. The Tegra X2 Chip is also known as the Tegra Parker and Tegra-next.

But What Will Power The PlayStation Neo?

According to Value Walk, the PlayStation Neo is reportedly had only few upgrades from the previous PlayStation 4. But fans should not feel disappointed as it is said to have doubled its performance in some games with 4K at 1080p with nearly 30fps.

Release Dates

The PlayStation Neo is expected to be available in the markets at an estimated price of $350 on its release on September 7 while the Nintendo NX is said to be released in March 2017 with $250 - $350 price range. Stay tuned to Game & Guide for more Nintendo NX news!

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