PS4 Slim Release Date, News & Update: A $300 Priced Lighter Console From Sony This September? Specs & Price Revealed

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Aug 23, 2016 08:15 AM EDT

While Sony has remained silent for now, a PS4 Slim release date is definitely happening. Recently, numerous pics of the upcoming console has been leaked online when buyers acquired it from Gumtree, starting lively speculations about possible PS4 Slim price, specs and release date.

PS4 Slim Price Estimate

Let's cut to the chase shall we? Since price is sometimes the biggest factor when choosing which console to buy, in only follows that what gamers want to know most of all is the PS4 Slim price.

For now, no confirmed PS4 Slim price is available. And that is understandable since Sony itself is yet to reveal the slim PS4 console. However, gaming insiders are not too shy in making their own estimates of what the upcoming console could cost.

Some peg the upcoming PS4 Slim price to be in the vicinity of $300, according to Engadget. The rationale behind this estimate is that Sony would want to be as competitive with Microsoft's Xbox One S as possible which carries that price.

PS4 Slim Specs, Details

Unfortunately the leaked pics and the now removed video did not reveal too much PS4 Slim specs and details. What is known for now, aside from the upcoming console being thinner and lighter than the original PS4 version, is that it will come with a new DualShock 4 controller, reports Kotaku.

Depending on how one feels about small indicator lights while gaming, the DualShock 4 controller could either be a positive or a negative PS4 Slim feature. The controller sports a small lightbar located on its top portion. Some consider it to be a minor distraction but others feel it is a useful feature that helps orient players during a dimly lit gaming session.

PS4 Slim Release Date

Sony has a big event named the PlayStation Meeting this September 7 in New York City. In the event, the new PS Neo will be unveiled but it is also expected that the PS4 Slim release date will be announced there as well. Stay tune to Game & Guide for updates on the PS4 Slim price, specs and news. 

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