Xbox 720 And PlayStation 4 Rumors: Our List Of Three Franchises That Should Continue Next Generation

By Juan G. Rodriguez , Updated Nov 09, 2012 04:41 PM EST

We don't know a lot about next generation plans for Microsoft's next Xbox or Sony's future PlayStation, but we know that these consoles' eventual release is nearly inevitable.

With each new console generation, publishers release new intellectual properties and innovative new genres. The original Xbox introduced gamers to a little game called Halo: Combat Evolved and the PlayStation 2 introduced gamers to the open-world blockbuster Grand theft Auto III. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have so many IPs that started this generation like Assassin's Creed, Gears of War, Uncharted, Saints Row and Mass Effect.

While we can't wait to see what great new IPs the next-gen of consoles will bring, there are several franchises we can't wait to see return on the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4.

Here is our list of three franchises we can't wait to see in the next generation:

3. The Halo Franchise:

Bungie's creation has outlasted the developer's relationship with Microsoft and has been handed to 343 Industries, the studio behind the recently released Halo 4. After having some hands on time with the new game, we can't wait to see what 343 can do with some graphical firepower. Just imagine Halo 5 supporting 64 players simultaneously in multiplayer. Mind blowing.

2. The Uncharted Series:

Lets face it, Naughty Dog's Uncharted series reinvigorated third-person action-adventure game with its blockbuster style action and its humorous modern-day treasure hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was actually a launch title for the PlayStation 3. It would be pretty awesome if Uncharted 4 becomes a launch title for the PS4, with graphic similar to James Cameron's 2009 live-action/animated film, "Avatar."

1. The Mass Effect Franchise:

Bioware has already announced that they have begun working on the next game in the franchise. While Mass Effect was a new IP on this console generation, its spiritual predecessor, Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic was released on the original Xbox. Mass Effect was a huge leap in both graphics and gameplay from KotOR. Even the gameplay leap from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 3 was pretty significant. Despite how you feel about the game's ending, Bioware's track record for making innovative games each generation is pretty good. Perhaps Mass Effect 4 will let gamers modify and fly spaceships for some truly memorable space combat.

What franchise would you like to see continued on the next generation of consoles? Rainbow Six: patriots could be released on the next generation. Read more here. Comment in the section below...

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