'Pokemon GO' News & Latest Updates: Whatever Happened To The LGBT War With The Westboro Baptist Church?

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 24, 2016 08:25 AM EDT

Westboro Baptist Church previously condemned "Pokemon Go" for encouraging people to live sinfully. The church, located in Topeka, Kansas, was tagged in "Pokemon Go" as a gym that trainers can claim in the game.

Subsequently, one "Pokemon Go" trainer, named Pinknose, claimed the virtual gym with a pink Clefairy named LoveisLove. Westboro Baptist Church is quite notorious for its aggressive stance against the LGBTQ community and denounced the recent deed. The church reacted to the recent claim by Pinknose via Twitter, stating that they recruited Jigglypuff from "Pokemon Go" to handle the sodomite LoveisLoveClefairy for us. According to church elder Steve Drain, they use a variety of methods to spread their message.

PerezHilton stated that the fault of Westboro Baptist Church was recruiting another Pokemon which many "Pokemon Go" players may deem as a member of the LGBTQ as well. Jigglypuff was holding a poster of Clefairy with the bible verse Luke 13:4-5, which read "Repent or Perish." The image of Jigglypuff also included a caption, "Pokemon Go and Sin No More!" The church did not actually create a "Pokemon Go" account to virtually oust Clefairy from its spot, so technically, the gym is still owned by the gay trainer.

Independent noted Drain in saying that their small church may be despised and vilified, but their location will be memorialized throughout eternity. He added that by God's grace, they are willing to say that homosexuality is wrong, and they have been known for their steadfast stance against it. The Westboro Baptist Church proceeded to condemn "Pokemon Go," saying that everything, real or virtual, that enables proud sin in America is a sign of doom.

Westboro Baptist Church added that the United States has damned itself due to its tolerance for homosexuality. They continued that God is punishing the nation by inflicting tragedies on its citizens. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the church as one of the extremist groups in the country, describing it as the most obnoxious and rabid hate group in America. Westboro Baptist Church previously intended to protest the funerals of the victims of the mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, but were countered. More updates and details on "Pokemon Go" are expected soon.

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