‘Clash of Clans 2016’ News & Update: Is the September Update Launched To Keep Up with the 'Pokemon GO?'

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 24, 2016 07:43 AM EDT

Is game developer Supercell threatened? Or are they really launching a "Clash of Clans 2016" update, solely because it needs the update?

Rumor is that, players are worried about the new "Clash of Clans 2016" update coming this September as it may change the bigger part of the gameplay. The notion stemmed from the idea that "Clash of Clans" is trying to compete with "Pokemon GO" thus, they need to do some drastic changes?

In the latest report by the Movie News Guide, the upcoming "Clash of Clans 2016" update highlights the request of fans to do something about those who are still on Town Hall 1 to Town Hall 11. While the developer has regularly brought new updates to the game, most of them were intended for players on Town Hall 11 and up.

Now, it looks like the upcoming "Clash of Clans 2016" update will focus more on players who are still on Town Hall 1; allowing them to boost their TH levels instantly. The new update will not  deliver new features, instead, it will enhance the current offense and defense structure of the gameplay.

The new "Clash of Clans 2016" update is also said to support the recent patch that arrived on the game. The recent summer update didn't quite lived to the expectations of the players and some of them are worried; the same thing will happen on the next "Clash of Clans" update.

But if it's any consolation to players, reports reveal that the new "Clash of Clans 2016" update will bring new heroes that can help players in the attack and defense mode. These new heroes are known to increase the levels of the players in a faster way. The balance power of the attack and defense will also highlight the player's own unique strategies during battles.

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