‘Jurassic World’ 2 Release Date, News & Update: All New Breed Of Dinosaurs To Appear In Sequel? More Speculations But Plot Remains Unknown

By Bernie Yanson , Updated Aug 24, 2016 06:52 AM EDT

Following the worldwide box office hit of "Jurassic World," fans can't help but expect more for its sequel. "Jurassic World" 2 spoilers reveal that a whole new level of dinosaurs will appear that will co-exist with mankind.

All New Breed Of Dinosaurs In "Jurassic World" 2

"Jurassic World" 2 latest spoilers reveal that the audience will be treated to a whole new breed of dinosaurs that will bring more terror and excitement to the sequel, Christian Times reported. To recall, Dr. Henry Wu (B.D. Wong) was able to escape Isla Nublar along with a few stolen dinosaur embryos.

Dr. Henry Wu previously worked with Vic Hoskin (Vincent D'Onofrio) to create a whole new level of dinosaurs that are supposed to be used in the military. It appears that they were successful with their plan and fans can finally see these dinosaurs in "Jurassic World" 2

According to spoilers Dr. Wu and Hoskin were planning to create armored dinosaurs that will protect people and fight crimes in "Jurassic World" 2. Instead of fearing them, the elite group of dinosaurs is released to protect mankind. However, an incident will turn things upside down.

 Domestic Dinosaurs Too?

Aside from the protecting mankind, "Jurassic World" 2 spoilers also revealed that Dr. Henry Wu and his team were able to make miniature ones too, Christian Daily reported.  The scientists will reportedly send small-sized dinosaurs that can be treated as pets in every household.

This could only mean that dinosaurs co-exist with humans in "Jurassic World" 2, unlike in previous versions where dinosaurs are kept in a secluded island. However, the cast and crew have remained tight-lipped regarding the sequel's plot.

Even Bryce Dallas Howard, the infamous high-heeled Clair Dearing admitted as much. She said that the studio and filmmakers are keeping a tight lid on the details of "Jurassic World" 2.

 There won't be much to be revealed until "Jurassic World" 2 starts filming next year. Universal Studios scheduled it release on June 22, 2018.


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