'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Updates: Upcoming New Features May Not Be Enough To Keep Players?

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 25, 2016 10:32 AM EDT

Many players were reported that they are now losing interest in playing the hit game Pokemon GO. Although more features are set to be added for the game, that seems to be not enough for some.

It is not impossible for some players to lose their interest in the game Pokemon GO and critics have warned already the game developer to keep the game still interesting to prevent them from losing players. Despite gamers-losing-their-interest rumors, the game Pokemon GO still has more followers around the world and there are still countries that have not experience the Pokemon GO fever.

On an article by Forbes, the Pokemon GO "endgame" features seem not enough to keep up the player's interests. The said endgame feature includes collecting Pokemon in the wild, achieving maximum level and gym battles.

Out of these endgame features, the egg hatching could be the only viable activity in the game as of the moment. This is the only hope for those high level trainers in the game Pokemon GO to gain high XP points.

The game developer, Niantic was previously reported to add some new features on the game Pokemon GO. These additional features include Pokemon trading and Player Vs. Player battles.

According to iTech Post, some Pokemon GO veterans are also sharing their own ideas as to how the game will be more interesting. Some of their suggestions are the introduction of challenges in the game and have a Pokemon GO NPCs battle.

Introduction Of Challenges In The Game

Pokemon GO veterans suggest giving players certain task and rewards which could keep the interest of players on the game. The game developer Niantic should also make sure that the rewards will be valuable and useful.

The Pokemon Go NPCs Battle

Bruno, Lance Lorelei and Agatha are the elite four who are considered as the NPC in the game Pokemon GO. These characters could give players a very satisfying battle.

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