‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Update 1.4: Developers Promise Better Game, Upcoming Survival, Last Stand DLCs In The Works

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Aug 27, 2016 03:40 AM EDT

Gamers, things are going to get better with "Tom Clancy's The Division" Update 1.4 coming this October. Developers from Ubisoft are true to their word and are bent on fixing known game issues as well as improve overall gaming experience. By way of the new update, two new DLCs in the works and an open communication with The Division gaming community.

Ubisoft Introduces "Tom Clancy's The Division" Update 1.4

Ubisoft just announced that a "Tom Clancy's The Division" Update 1.4 is coming this October via the game's official site. The update is independent of the Survival and Last Stand DLCs that are also in the works.

The upcoming "Tom Clancy's The Division" Update 1.4 is aimed at solving the more immediate concerns regarding the game. These issues became more apparent as devs decided to hold a livestream 'State of the Game" event wherein devs honestly admitted that the game needs fixing big time.

Based on gamers' chat following the "State of the Game" event, devs decided to prioritize the major concerns aired by players. For instance, "The Division" Update 1.4 will solve and improve on a host of issues such as known bugs in the game, a more player-relevant loot drop system, gear and weapons balancing, balancing in PvP and Dark Zone, enemy difficulty as well as kill time and some suggestions from The Division Community like weapon skins no longer taking up space in their inventory.

"Tom Clancy's The Division" Survival & Last Stand DLCs

It seems that the two scheduled DLCs will have to take backstage for now as devs want to concentrate on solving more pressing issues with the game. Ubisoft has announced a delay in the released of "The Division" Survival DLC to a later date this year.

In addition, the third game expansion named "The Division" Last Stand DLC  is now scheduled for an early 2017 release. With these schedule adjustments in place, Ubisoft developers are positive that they will be able to address core gaming issues before adding new content into the game.

End Of "The Clancy's The Division" Definitely Not In Sight

When "Tom Clancy's The Division" launched early this year, it was touted to be one of Ubisoft's biggest title. Interest in the new third shooter game skyrocketed and it quickly broke company records.

In fact "Tom Clancy's The Division" also established itself a new benchmark in the gaming industry becoming the highest earner for a new franchise first week launch, according to Wikipedia. Indeed, its first week sales of $330 million clearly meant financial success for the franchise.

However, a host of game-related issues which accumulated over time seem to have taken its toll on the gaming public's perception of the game. In fact, there were recent articles speculating that the game could be heading for a disaster with the rumored server downtime issues.

However, it now appears that those rumors hold no water. In fact these recent steps taken by Ubisoft devs seem to indicate that they indeed value player inputs and would really take the necessary measures to improve gameplay with the introduction of "Tom Clancy's The Division" Update 1.4 


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