'Pokemon GO' Tips & Tricks: Hatch Eggs Faster Without Going Out

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 26, 2016 10:23 AM EDT

Lazy people are known to be the most resourceful and creative ones which some says it lead them to success. In the game "Pokemon GO," hatching a 10km egg would be a challenge but these lazy people have discovered their own ways in hatching it.

Here are some brilliant ideas to hatch your eggs faster without you walking around for hours.

Make Use Of Your Bike/Treadmill

Niantic Labs has been reported that they have done some changes for hatching eggs. According to Pokemon GO Hub, the game developer had adjusted the top speed at which your game will register the distance you travelled which is very useful in hatching eggs. The "Pokemon GO" app can register a distance up to 12.5 mph which is almost the same max speed for treadmills.

And in case you only got a bike, cyclist can also make that fast speed. Or maybe you can just get a friend who can drive you around real slow.

Go Get Yourself A Roomba

According to Mobile & Apps, if you want to hatch your eggs and play "Pokemon GO" but needed to clean your house first you can just simply use Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot. Typically, this roomba cleaning machine helps you in cleaning but now you can also use this to hatch your Pokemon eggs.

You can do this just by launching the "Pokemon GO" app and safely place it on your Roomba and start cleaning. In the end, you'll get a double price, a newly hatched Pokemon egg and a clean house.

Get More Incubators

The more incubators you have in the game "Pokemon GO," the more eggs you can hatch. You can get free incubators when you reach certain levels. But you might have to prioritize those 10km egg as incubators can only be used three times. You can use your Infinity incubator for your 5km and 2km Pokemn egg.

According to Eurogamer, a "Pokemon GO" player can get a total of thirteen incubators that can only be used three times. You can get one each for reaching levels 6, 10, 15 and 25.

You can then get two incubators when you reached level 20, three more incubators when you reach level 30 and four at level 40, which is the highest level in the game. But if you have enough PokeCoins, you can just easily purchase them at the game's cash shop.

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