'GoPro Hero 5' Alternatives: These Three Could Be Better Than GoPro Hero 5 Itself

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 27, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

People who are ready for the new "GoPro Hero 5" will still have to wait for its official release date will be announced. After several months of no update, people might start getting tired of waiting and just settle for cheaper alternatives. Mobile & Apps listed three cameras might help in choosing what to buy as your replacement for the "GoPro Hero 5."

The Sony HDR-AS20/B

The company Sony has been known for its best qualities of cameras for years. People still choose this brand for it has already proved their product's durability and high megapixel lenses.

Sony HDR-AS20/B has 4k capability that also the previous GoPro 4 has. Slow-motion videos at 1080p are also said to be included in its features and it also supports 64GB storage.The only negative feature that the people noticed is that Sony HDR-AS20/B is its form as it cannot be considered as a hands-free gadget.

Sony HDR-AS20/B is only $138.99 on Amazon. It is chosen to be one of the best alternative for the GoPro Hero 5 as it is cheaper than GoPro Hero 5 yet it comes from a known camera brand.

The Polaroid XS100 HD

The Polaroid XS100 HD is said to have the same wide viewing angle with the previous GoPro 3 Black with a limit of 170 degrees. But this Polaroid camera has 1080p recording and a very good camera lens of 16 megapixel that goes with the "GoPro Hero 5."

The best advantage that the Polaroid XS100 HD has is that its battery life is almost twice as the capacity of a normal GoPro Hero camera. It has also a small camera which can fit to almost all mount.

Polarion XS100 HD is at $129.99 on Amazon. It is clearly much cheaper than Sony HDR AS20/B and GoPro Hero 5.

The FullTime Outdoors Adventure Camera

The FullTime Outdoors Adventure Camera has a good form which looks very much like GoPro Hero cameras. It has a Wi-Fi remote and a wide lens with 4K Ultra HD which can be considered as the best alternative among the three.

Full Time Outdoors Adventure Camera also features a slow-motion capability with 1080p of 60 fps and also with 720p at 120 fps. It also has the cheapest price among the three in Amazon with $119.

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