‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Special Event Offering Unsighted Legendary Rares?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 28, 2016 12:48 PM EDT

“Pokemon Go” players have been on the prowl for rares, particularly the ones who are already at high levels. Getting hold of them is expectedly hard but some are wondering if they are actually out there.

Among the ones most want to catch include “Mew”, “Mewtwo”, “Articuno”, “Zapdos”, “Moltres” and “Ditto."  Earlier this month, there were claims that “Articuno” was spotted courtesy of an Ohio couple as previously reported here on Game & Guide.

According to them, they had no idea why “Articuno” popped up though many were under the impression that it was a ploy to get “Pokemon Go” players that the rares are really out there waiting to be caught. The sighting was eventually taken out and now the quest to hunt the “Pokemon Go” rares continues. While some continue their escapade, some believe that the best bet to nab these legendary creatures would be at special events hosted by Niantic.

One good example was this one at Times Square. As shown in the video below, a crowd can be seen surrounding the “Mewtwo” display. Aside from that, there was even a timer where all the players present attacked “Mewtwo."

“Mewtwo” would eventually be defeated due to the numbers attacking and the entire crowd catches the rare, Kotaku reported. It is likely that the other “Pokemon Go” rares who have yet to be spotted will follow the same route. They will likely be found in specific regions though it remains to be seen when and where Niantic plans to do that.

With no clue on what Niantic has planned, the best that “Pokemon Go” players can do for now is wait and see. Leveling up for the time-being would be the best idea, hopefully, the fair way.

The last thing that hooked up “Pokemon Go” players would want is a ban, something that could derail their pocket monster hunting. Stay tuned to Game & Guide for more "Pokemon Go" news.


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