Mass Effect 3's Reapers, Assassin's Creed 3's Templars And The Best Video Game Villains of 2012

By Juan G. Rodriguez , Updated Nov 19, 2012 03:48 PM EST

What is Batman without the Joker or Star Wars without Darth Vader? The villain is what makes a good story a great story. If there is no central conflict then there isn't any justifiably reason for a hero.

So we've created a list of top five video game villains in 2012. From the evil synthetic-organic starship Reapers of the Mass Effect universe to the sensationalized Charles Lee of Assassin's Creed III, we take a look at their wickedness and evil plans.  Some spoilers are ahead.

Here are the infamous video game villains:

5. Halo 4's Prometheans: The main baddies in the recently released Halo 4, the Promethean consist of three enemy types; Knights, Crawlers, Watchers. The main antagonist the Didact is also a Promethean. Every encounter with the three enemy types forces the player to strategize against the Prometheans. Crawlers are the weakest but can overwhelm the Chief with sheer numbers. Watchers offer their squads air support and act as Promethean medics. But it is the Didact that really makes the Prometheans as one of the top five villains of the year. He is massive beast of pure ancient evil and bent on erasing humans from the galaxy.

4. Mass Effect 3's Reapers: The highly advanced machine race of starships that have bee antagonizing Mass Effect gamers since 2007 finally arrive on earth and cause worldwide destruction. The Reapers enslave the alien races of the through the process of indoctrination and wipe entire civilizations. So the kill populations with enslaved members of their own race. The Reapers have been harvesting advance civilizations every 50,000 years for who knows how long.

3. Dishonored- Dunwall's Government: After a plague begins infected the poor citizens of Dunwall, the government begins to exterminate citizens as they wish. Lord Regent Hiram Burrows runs an oppressive and paranoid government. The rich are allowed access to elixirs that prevent the plague, while the poor die or become "Wheepers," infected and unstable citizens that cry blood. The scariest villains are often institutions and Dunwall's government is a prime example.

2. Darksiders II's Absalom: The Avatar of Chaoes, Absalom was the former leader of the near-extinct Nephilim and the first of their race. The Nephilim were created by Lilith from the mingle dust of angels and demons. Absalom attempted to take the realm of Eden from mankind and were sentenced to destruction by the Charred Council. The Nephilim that would become the The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse betrayed their race and fought against Absalom. He is defeated by Darksiders II protagonist Death and becomes a shadowy form and source of Corruption across the realms. He is the final boss in the game.

1. Assassin's Creed III's Charles Lee: A British soldier and member of the Templar Order, Charles Lee is the definition of antagonist. He taunts and eludes protagonist Connor through out the game often staying one step ahead of the hero. According to the game Lee attempts to enslave the American colonist and is responsible for the Boston Massacre. Lee becomes the Grand Master of the Templars in 1781 and attempts to start a war Connor's Mohawk Tribe and the British in order to have them wiped out. Lee might be tapping into the powers of the darkside, because by the end of the game he has a bit of Darth Sidious look to him.

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