‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: PokeVision Alternatives That May Be Safe for Users; Pokemesh, Pokefast & Skipplagged Discussed

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Aug 30, 2016 11:28 AM EDT

If a "Pokemon GO" player is looking for PokeVision alternatives that won't get him/her banned, Pokemesh, Pokefast and Skipplagged are pretty good to try out. Niantic is on a cleanup drive to make "Pokemon GO" a fair and fun experience for all.

While Niantic's retaliation on third-party apps using its live servers has been rejoiced by many who stuck to fair play, many "Pokemon GO" players are facing a tough time catching their favorite Pokemon. Pokemesh is definitely one of the best app-based trackers now.

According to post on Pokemesh's Facebook page, the developers of the app have come up with a patch that will ensure the app is not banned by Niantic. However, to be on the safe side, "Pokemon GO" players should use the Pokemesh app from a dummy account and not their main account to avoid any future ban. Users can download the app from their official website.

"I've just [completed] a patch that will prevent this (still not sure it will 100 percent works) and I'm working with the devs [sic] of other apps to reach the score," the Pokemesh developer said, writes Mobile & Apps. Numerous users are using the app and no ban has been reported yet. Another important app is Skipplagged, which according to many sources, is the best "Pokemon GO" map after PokeVision. As per reports, Skipplagged map is still working.

It shows the real-time locations of Pokemon in the area and also indicates before the Pokemon disappears. The tool can even filter the search results by name or rarity. Skipplagged is originally a travel website but also has a dedicated "Pokemon GO" map integrated in their website.

Pokefast also claims that users won't get banned if they use this app. Pokefast does not use the "Pokemon GO" API or any unauthorized requests from Niantic's servers. This probably makes sure that user accounts are safe.

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