'No Man's Sky' Latest News & Updates: Sony, Amazon & Steam Offers Refunds? Players Seeking Refunds Labelled As Theives

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 30, 2016 03:09 PM EDT

The game "No Man's Sky" is a very huge game that features 18 quintillion planets but some believed that this game is somewhat absurd. Many players think that all those promised features made by the game developers were not included in the game and are now seeking for refunds. And the former head of Sony's Strategic Content division in the UK is not happy about it.

Inquisitr reported that the continuous struggle of Sony for the game "No Man's Sky" is said to be one of the many reasons why gamers are starting to get disappointed about the game. The game developer, Hello Games has reportedly added some unwanted features with so many bugs and glitches on the game.

These issues resulted for players asking for refunds for the game "No Man's Sky." In a thread post, it states that Steam is giving refunds for the game even regardless of your accumulated game time.

According to iTech Post, both Sony and Amazon US have also granted those refund requests from "No Man's Sky" buyers. The game is said to be $59.99 in Steam, Sony and Amazon.

The game "No Man's Sky" was earlier launched in August for PC yet consumers are seemed not satisfied for what they got. They are said to be frustrated about the game's stability and performance despite the recent release of the three patches for the game.

Slashdot added that the former Strategic Content Director for Sony Shahid Kamal Ahmad is not happy about those refund requests and shared its frustrations on his official Twitter. According to one of his posts, those who are asking for "No Man's Sky" refunds after playing for 50 hours is a thief. But later he added that not all "No Man's Sky" players as there are still decent and honest players of the game.

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