‘Final Fantasy 15’ Latest News & Updates: How Magic & Spells Work In The New Square Enix Game? Details Revealed!

By AASalvador , Updated Sep 05, 2016 06:43 AM EDT

The whole adventure of "Final Fantasy 15" amounts to more than 200 hours of exciting gameplay. There is no formal tutorial on how to craft magic and spells as the game lets you learn as you go along your adventure. Here, we hope to give you some lessons on the magic and spells.

In "Final Fantasy 15," there are three basic magic elements which are Fire, Ice and Thunder. Wild, the fourth element, can be crafted using the first three. Crystals from fire, ice and thunder are scattered all over Eos, the overall world of "Final Fantasy." Players can draw magic from these crystals and even store magic. However, as raw elements, they cannot give out power. They have to be crafted in combination with other elements and store them in a flask, which can also be acquired during the course of the game.

During combat in "Final Fantasy 15," your magic charges up before you can actually use it. You have to be accurate in aiming for your target as this is done manually. You will know your magic is ready to use because your UI will indicate a circular mark on the d-pad. As a precaution, be sure to put enough distance between you and your target. Depending on the element you use for magic, your clothes may also burn or freeze if you are very close.

So how do you craft your magic to give you more powerful spells in "Final Fantasy 15"? Items like Downs, Elixirs, Phoenix and Potions can be added to elementary properties. Two Fires and one Thunder can give you Tricast, while a mixture of one of each element can give you Unicast. Fire combined with a potion gives you Healcast, which can heal your character when it is cast under a spell.

"Final Fantasy 15" does the nitty-gritty stuff in recording your magic-crafting history. You can revisit your notes anytime so you can re-craft your favourite spells. Stay tuned to GameNGuide for more news and updates on "Final Fantasy 15."

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