‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Update: New Patches Introduced Address Game Issues, But Can They Reverse Negative Gamers’ Perception?

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Sep 05, 2016 07:47 AM EDT

Can a "No Man's Sky" update patch really fix what's wrong with the game? If one is keeping tabs on reddit discussion about the game, the words disappointed tend to crop up too often for comfort.

Riding high on the hype with the recent "No Man's Sky" release last month, the game's popularity rose to stratospheric heights, and along with it, gamers' expectations of its gameplay. Well, it's not exactly these excitable gamers' fault. When one hears the word "biggest universe to be created in a game," well one tends to create bigger than usual expectations as well.

Players Disappointed With 'No Man's Sky' Promises

From the heights of hype, "No Man's Sky" has now become a disappointment, according to Forbes. The game made too many promises to be realistically met in the actual released version.

One of these promises is its multi-player mode which was previously hinted but never materialized. But then again, what would be the point of a multi-player in the game's vast  universe? There are those who say that it won't matter at all and won't improve the "No Man's Sky" gameplay significantly, the chances of finding another player is calculated to be a very low 0.0001 percent.

Hello Games Release 'No Man's Sky' Update Patches

After a couple of weeks of silence, Hello Games finally announced that it had spend those weeks productively by perusing those numerous feedbacks (complaints) players dished out regarding the game. In the wake of this introspective process, the developer decided to create a community and support management team to handle whatever issues players may have with "No Man's Sky."

And the developer decided to release "No Man's Sky" update patches. There are four patches available for the game's PC version and four for the PlayStation 4 version.

In the accompanying "No Man's Sky" patch notes, the updates will target several areas of concern. For instance, the patches should solve known issues of the ship's hyperdrive. Also included are fixes about the game crash while warping issue, the known instances of players warping into battle but appearing inside a freighter instead as well as a host of tweaks and improvements to make the "No Man's Sky" gameplay a little better. Full patch notes can be accessed here.

Can The 'No Man's Sky' Update Patches Save Dwindling Interest?

Of course, this is the ultimate question. There are those who feel that perhaps it is not the "No Maon's Sky" game that is at fault at all but rather the hype associated with it. The Guardian quotes game director Sean Murray who expressed fears that the game might have become "a Rorschach test of popular expectation, with each player looking for something that might not be there."

But then again, it's still too early to tell. Devs could perhaps hit that sweet spot where majority of gamers will get what they want for it to remain a cash cow for years to come. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for "No Man's Sky" latest news and updates.


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