PlanetSide 2 Review Round-Up For Sony's Free To Play Shooter

By Juan G. Rodriguez , Updated Nov 30, 2012 09:09 AM EST

PlanetSide 2, the free to play massively multiplayer online first person shooter published by Sony Online Entertainment, recently released on Nov. 20 for the PC. The game is a sequel to the 2003 game PlanetSide and continues the narrative of three warring factions as they battle for territorial control of the planet Auraxis.

The game uses a Freemium business model that features certain free aspects, with a cash shop that sells exclusive things such as visual customizations. So how is the new MMO? Here is our review round-up for the game.

Ausgamers says, "Call of Duty's online matches can best be described as a small skirmish, while Battlefield's are aptly defined as, well, battles. But only one game can deliver a full-on, continent-spanning war with thousands of players -- Planetside 2." Ausgamers gives the game a score of 9.5-out-of-10 and also says, "There really is no excuse not to try Planetside 2, especially as the only cost is your gaming time. Be warned though, this is a very addictive game, and it could spoil your previous favourite shooter with its incredible sense of scale. It's astonishing to see a free to play game deliver such a polished package, that also breaks new technological boundaries."

GameSpy says, "PlanetSide 2 shows the PC off. From the gorgeous lighting and huge draw distances, to the intense, multiplayer battles. It's based on something old, but that was so far ahead of its time that even now the template feels new. Exciting. It feels like the next generation has just landed." GameSpy gives the game 4.5-out-of-5 stars.

Not all of the reviews are glowing and Game Revolution says "PlanetSide 2's uneven execution makes it fall short of what it aspires to be: the well-rounded MMOFPS many have been craving. It's fun to squad up with friends and make an impact on the game world with class synergy and the potency of vehicles behind you. However, sequences of enthusiastic, large-scale combat are marred by lag and frustrating bugs." Game Revolution gives PlanetSide 2 a 3.5-out-of-5 score.

PC Gamer's reviewer says, "when I don't have those friends on tap, PlanetSide 2 becomes a different game. A quieter game. It's still astounding to look at, but it's also a more aimless, frustrating experience. Stand and stare up at the game's lights again." However, PC Gamer gives the game a 90-out-of-100 score and also says, "for those with the machine to handle it, PlanetSide 2 is never anything less than staggering. On your own, it's a spectacle. Stand far enough back and you can almost take it all in, but there's just too much there to focus on. With teammates, the picture comes into glorious focus."

On review aggregating website Metacritic, PlanetSide 2 currently has a score of 84-out-of-100 based on 10 reviews. On GameRankings, the game currently has a higher score of 86.25 percent but that score is only based on four reviews. Video game website IGN has a review in progress currently going on for PlanetSide 2. You can check out that by clicking here.

Check out the game's trailer below and tell us what you think of the massive free-to-play shooter.

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