'Apple Watch' Latest News & Updates: Can This Smartwatch Change the Gameplay of Pokemon GO? Smartwatch Better Than Pokemon GO Plus

By Anne Caballo , Updated Sep 10, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

The hit game Pokemon GO will soon be available in "Apple Watch" later this year. Here are some of the details revealed as for now.

What can you do?

Most of the functions found in the mobile version of Pokemon GO will also be available on the "Apple Watch" according to reports. Players can now check their progress on their way to hatching eggs using their "Apple Watch" making it more convenient for players according to Gamespot. Locating Pokemon in nearby areas and collecting items in Pokestops  can be done using the said smartwatch.

What are its limitations?

Not everything can be done in the "Apple Watch" despite the fact that most of the Pokemon GO features can be found on this device. This Apple Watch can also detect if there are nearby Pokemon in the area but according to Endgadget, players need to catch those Pokemon using you the Pokemon GO mobile app.

What could possibly change? 

According to Forbes, there was no further explanation if the "Apple Watch" will be still be using its usual fitness tracking device instead of the GPS in hatching eggs but using the fitness tracker as well would be a better option.

Movements are track down using the "Apple Watch" using its built-in fitness app. It could be said that it will be more effective than using only the current GPS tracking setup in the game Pokemon GO.

Apple Watch or Pokémon GO Plus

Niantic had announce a Pokemon GO Plus from Nintendo but had not given any further details about it. But a Reddit  thread shows some fans have long neglected this idea as being useful the game Pokemon GO.

The thread also points out that the device is not a pedometer which cannot track the distance of a certain Pokemon in the game Pokemon GO. It is also considered useless for hatching eggs.

"Pokémon GO" website also said that players can only catch Pokemon which are already registered in their Pokedex which can be considered useless if you are aiming to catch new Pokemon. The only advantage of the said "Pokémon GO" Plus has lesser price than the "Apple Watch." But still, base on this features, it can be said that the smartwatch is still considered to be the best option.

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