'Super Mario Run' Release Date, News & Update: Title Shocks World with Latest Features; iOS Exclusive Might Come to Android?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Sep 10, 2016 12:32 AM EDT

"Super Mario Run" gave the world a shock after it was released for the iOS product line recently. Now, the said title looks to enlighten the world with something new for the long-running franchise that the global phenomenon can grasp.

As many may know, the "Super Mario" franchise has expanded all over the world for over three decades. The better part of the said thirty years has provided gamers with class console games, and now, the iOS field will push forward another masterpiece in the form of "Super Mario Run."

According to Gotta Be Mobile, "Super Mario Run" is still a number of months from release, but has already shown the fans what it has in store-starting from the modes that the title offers. One of the most noted advantages for the game is the privilege of a one-handed play.

"Super Mario Run" is said to not resemble the same method that the predecessors gave, which is the ability to stop in between the run and go backwards as pleased. This has been omitted from the iOS exclusive title.

As per Forbes, the Toad Tally Mode offers "Super Mario Run" players the chance to compare and compete their scores among other players. Lastly, one other mode will allow players to make their personalized Mushroom Kingdom through their acquired coins, but is yet to be witnessed for the time being.

Traditionally, as many mobile games of today may have, in-app purchases are available for "Super Mario Run." Because of this said approach towards the game, the reception of the "Super Mario" franchise is anticipated to soon extend even further.

As it may be too early to tell for the moment, "Super Mario Maker" is expected to be a potential hit for the Android devices in the future. This intention could be within the plans of Nintendo, but is yet to be confirmed officially.

"Super Mario Run" is scheduled for release by December. Keep posted for more gaming news and updates from Gamenguide.

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