'Super Mario Run': Update  Patch 1.0.2 For iPhone Revealed

'Super Mario Run': Update Patch 1.0.2 For iPhone Revealed

Another new update for "Super Mario Run" is accessible for owners of the game on iPhone.

by Beverly V.

Will Super Mario Run for Android be worth your time?

'Super Mario Run' Release Date, News & Update: Warning! Faux Games Coming To The Play Store; Android Version Release Date Hinted?

Super Mario Run is yet to come to Android phones despite game clones pouring into the Google Play Store. In addition, despite the game’s hefty price tag, Super Mario Run is said to be the top downloaded game on the US App store.

by Ben Lindon

Underground - Super Mario Run - Music Extended

'Super Mario Run' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Hidden Coin Guide; Black Coins Locations Revealed

Collecting Black coins in "Super Mario Run" appears to be the most challenging part of the game.

by Karen de la Cruz

Super Mario Run | Stylish Moves

Super Mario Run Latest News And Updates: Earn More Points By Doing Stylish Moves, Here's How

Super Mario Run just had a record setting debut on the iphone breaking Pokemon Go's record 900,000 day one sales by a huge margin as Super Mario Run was downloaded 2.9 million times. It's no wonder Super Mario Run had such a successful debut which only proves how powerful the Nintendo brand is. Mario is actually considered as the unofficial mascot for video games. Super Mario Run is the first Nintendo game released outside the Nintendo ecosystem. But despite the simplistic controls, Super Mario still has depth just for players who want to master the game. Here's how you can execute Super Mario Run stylish moves to take your running to the next level.

by zekiah

Super Mario Run | Stylish Moves

‘Super Mario Run’ Delayed Android Release Makes Scammers Active; Release Expected Sometime in 2017

Scammers are taking advantage of peoples’ disappointment with Nintendo releasing “Super Mario Run” only on iOS devices.

by Ritwik Roy

Super Mario Run | Stylish Moves

‘Super Mario Run’ Latest News & Update: $10 For iOS Full Game Will Never Disappoint You!

“Super Mario Run” has already been noted for a Dec. 15 release on iOS phones. Apparently, the game may not be completely free after all.

by Henry Abragan

Will Super Mario Run for Android be worth your time?

'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: The Game Consumes A Huge Amount Of Data; Here Is The Reason Why

"Super Mario Run" consumes a huge amount of data while being online which creates an outrage from the players.

by Jason Glenn

Super Mario Run Downloaded 2.85 Million Times in First Day

"Super Mario Run" Latest News & Update: Breaks Record In the History Of App Store, Downloaded Almost 3 Million Times On Its First Day!

"Super Mario Run" made a record breaking phenomena in the history of App Store. The game was downloaded 2.85 million times on its first day of release.

by Kristeine Lim

We're Playing Super Mario Run - LIVE!

'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: For Almost 48 Hours The Game Has Been Downloaded Three Times More Than 'Pokemon Go' Debut

Nintendo's "Super Mario Run" has beaten out "Pokemon Go" initial release downloads.

by Jason Glenn

We're Playing Super Mario Run - LIVE!

'Super Mario Run' Release Date, GamePlay, Game Features, News & Update: Latest 'Super Mario' Is A Big Hit! Finally Launched On IOS?

The world's renowned plumber is back, and he's back for good! Catch the upcoming craze "Super Mario Run" on your iOS device. But first, here are few details about this.

by Caroline

Super Mario Run

“Super Mario Run” Latest News & Updates: Nintendo Stocks Up as Super Mario Hits Road, Full Details Here!

Stock shares of Nintendo soar minutes after the release of Super Mario with experts saying that the game could easily reach 1 billion downloads.

by Jun Pasaylo

Super Mario Run Review | iOS Gameplay, Verdict, and More

'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: Mario Sales Projection Downgrades Steeply at 400%

Projections for "Super Mario Run" have significantly downgraded from its original $60 million outlook for the first month after release.

by Regin Olimberio

‘Super Mario Run’ Review: All About Action! [VIDEO]

"Super Mario Run" will give you little time to think and you will be busy in action. For game veterans, there are surprises as a few changes have been done in the game.

by Jyotirupa Sarma

Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

Super Mario Run News & Update: A New Smartphone Game; What To Expect From Super Mario Run?

You run, jump on platforms, eat mushrooms and try to avoid enemies. There's one big difference, though. Mario runs all by himself.

by Ralphy Bonn Sim

Super Mario Run

'Super Mario Run' News & Updates: Shigeru Miyamoto Reveals Why Super Mario Run Is Not A Freemium Game

In a new interview, the creator of Super Mario Shigeru Miyamoto discloses why Nintendo made Super Mario Run's full content unlockable in just one purchase instead of having microtransactions and following the freemium model.

by Faye F.

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