'Quarry' Season 1 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Cinemax' Show Premiere Deals Plight Of Massacre Suspects Homecoming

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 10, 2016 10:47 PM EDT

"Quarry" Cinemax' Mac Conway comes home to Memphis circa 1972 following his second tour of duty in Vietnam. Played by Logan Marshall-Green of "Traveler," Mac was swarmed by protesters at the airport, along with this best friend Arthur, played by Jamie Hector of "The Wire," after they have been recognized for their participation in the Quan Thang massacre.

While Mac's early homecoming surprises his wife Joni, whose role was played by Jodi Balfour of "Bomb Girls," he is also greeted with a warm welcome. However, Mac feels something at home, which he thinks is different, yet he could not figure out at first.

Instead, he searches for a job. But infamy makes it impossible for him, including Arthur, as Mac could not even dispute an invitation to visit his father and his stepmother  at their home, let alone get a job with his father. His old high school even blocks him, in spite the promise of giving him the job of a swim coach.

Meantime, Arthur seeks for a management job at a factory, he gets hidden in the dark and molding office furniture. One time, as Mac enjoys a swim in his home, he finds a stranger on his patio. Peter Mullan of "Top of the Lake," receives a word from his scout Buddy that the war vet could have a particular skill set, which may earn him $4,000 each job. However, Mac resists the inclination, and manages to live with the job he got at an auto repair shop, until his PTSD forces him to confront a mean customer, Slash Film reported.

On the other hand, Arthur gives in to the tempting offer, and welcomes the help of Mac on his first job. However, in spite Buddy's recon job, Arthur gets fatally blindsided on site, which prompts Mac to appear from behind and be a part of the brawl. Mac kills Arthur's shooter, yet the private dick Suggs which had been their original target, runs away on a single leg.

"Quarry" Cinemax next episode will feature Tommy Olsen, a Memphis police detective, investigating a double murder, while Mac pays someone a visit, TvLine reported. Meanwhile, watch "Quarry" Season 1: Homecoming here:

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