'Luke Cage' Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: SLU Physics Professor Proves Luke Cage is Superhuman

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 11, 2016 04:51 AM EDT

Luke Cage's suggested mass has been calculated by an Associate Professor of Physics at Southeastern Louisiana University Rhett Allain. Cage is the superhero Power Man who has unbreakable skin and superhuman strength who will star in Netflix's new show, "Luke Cage."

The professor explained how to get the mass of a Power Man first. He elaborated on the idea of equilibrium and said that if an object is at rest and not rotating, then the net force of the object must be zero and the net torque about any point must also be zero.

Then the professor explained what torque is. He said that torque is a rotational force and explained that torque can change the angular momentum of an object. He added that torque depends on the magnitude of the force and the distance from the point of rotation called the torque arm and also depends on the angle the force makes with torque arm, Wired reported.

So, what are the importance of these in getting the mass of Luke Cage? The professor used an analysis where he used the height of Mike Colter, the actor who will play Luke in the upcoming Netflix show,  with a value of 1.91 meters. Then, he estimated the mass of a man at 75 kg.

For him to get values for the locations of the center of mass of both Luke and the man, he loaded the image into Tracker Video Analysis. Then, he put the center of mass at the ball of Luke's front foot. His findings resulted to the man having a torque arm of 0.294 meters while Luke's is at 0.123 meters.

Luke Cage's mass is then solved by the professor given the details. It is found out that his mass is at 179 kg which is about 400 pounds using the assumed mass of the man. The result is pretty massive and somehow proves that Luke Cage is more than just a normal human, Slash Film reported. Watch "Luke Cage" trailer here.

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