'Madam Secretary' Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Elizabeth McCord VP Offer, A Yes Or No? Election To Take Eight Or Nine Episode, Morgan Freeman Directing

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 12, 2016 06:54 AM EDT

"Madam Secretary" Season 3 is expected to reveal the answer of Elizabeth McCord as she received an offer to become the new VP candidate of President Dalton. This seems to be an exciting offer but Elizabeth has long list of opportunities which could cause a possibility for her to deny the said offer.

Elizabeth is suggested to serve the country better in her role as the Secretary of State in "Madam Secretary" Season 3. Executive producer Barbara Hall clarified that her answer to the offer will be resolved in a not so simple way.

She revealed that the election in general will run for the first eight to nine episodes of the upcoming season. This could mean that the dilemma may time a long time to be resolved but not too long after the Presidential election itself wraps up which will happen in only a couple of months away, Carter Matt reported.

Meanwhile, Hall also revealed that there is another drama in "Madam Secretary" Season 3 that fans can look into as they get further into the season. She said that an event which is much more of a personal dilemma for the family of McCord will be featured in the show. This has something to do with the family's security being breached.

While this may not be a huge teaser for the series fans, it reportedly does a mighty fine job of setting up that the stakes for "Madam Secretary" Season 3 may extend beyond just the political world of the McCord family. In addition, Elizabeth's personal life will be front and center for a few events that will happen in this season as well, Christian Post reported.

"Madam Secretary" Season 3 is also rumored to see the return of Morgan Freeman as the director of the series premiere. He is also expected to reprise his role from the premiere of "Madam Secretary" Season 2. Watch "Madam Secretary" Season 3 promo here:

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