‘Super Mario Run’ Latest Rumors, Release Date & Update: Virtual Reality Version Not Even Close

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 11, 2016 01:57 PM EDT

Everyone is probably aware right now that Nintendo and Apple have come together to bring “Super Mario Run” to the iOS. All that was revealed during the iPhone 7 reveal event in San Francisco.

That revelation is, of course, a win for the iOS owners, offering them a new cool game to look forward to. “Super Mario Run” is also set to come out for Android and from there the possibilities radiate all the way to other gaming platforms.

On that note, one has to wonder if “Super Mario Run” has what it takes to penetrate the virtual reality phase. Somehow, Nintendo could be making different versions so why not VR?

Miyamoto apprehensive on VR version

Unfortunately, “Super Mario Run” may not be ready for the VR era. At least not yet according to Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto in a piece taken from USA Today.

Miyamoto reasons that one thing that could hinder such is because they want to make “Super Mario” relevant. But that he was referring to wanting families to enjoy and play the game together.

From that alone, he sees VR not fitting into that role. He is aware of how VR games are played and somehow it doesn’t quite fit the purpose of the game and the manner of play.

There are of course possibilities to make “Super Mario Run” VR compatible in the future though seeing that happen could take some time. The thing here is that seeing virtual reality version come out is not impossible but more of putting together the pieces.

VR is on the rise once more though some headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have been suffering from erratic sales. While he did not mention it, Nintendo could be playing possum right now before diving into a VR version to support its feasibility.

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