Hearthstone Update: Dozens of Cards Will Be Removed In Arena Mode; Blizzard Sets The Pace?

By Carlo M. , Updated Sep 12, 2016 06:32 AM EDT

Citing balance as the primary reason, Hearthstone's Arena Mode will get rid of several game cards in an update. It remains uncertain as to how gamers would view this update and on how well Blizzard would implement the update.

In a report by Gamespot, Hearthstone developer Blizzard announced that the Arena mode of the game will have significant updates that will be kicked off by eliminating dozens of cards. Game designer Dean Ayala is keen on keeping the Arena an enjoyable environment for players and he wants to make the level of competition as balanced as possible.

In a statement, Ayala said, "One goal we have for Arena is that we want it to feel meaningfully different from any other way you might play Hearthstone. I think we're hitting that goal now, but it's important for us to keep that in mind when thinking about future changes." 

Variety among all game modes is important to us, but an equally important goal is to have a wide range of experiences within each game mode. This is an area where we feel Arena has some room for improvement."

In the same post by Gamespot, Blizzard reportedly wants players to have a different experience by not starting out using the most powerful class in mind. Ayala openly admitted that the Mage and Rogue were designed to have the most powers with the Paladin and all the rest of the character classes following behind.

Meanwhile, newbie players of Hearthstone might want to check out the beginner's guide posted by IGN to fully enjoy the game. The article suggests that mastery of the cards is the key to advancing game knowledge and that playing experience is important. It also emphasized the value of not just joining tournaments but also watching them.

Finally, the guide encourages players to get help from the massive Hearthstone community online and learn from top players. It is an immersive game that requires concentration and the patience to gain knowledge.

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