‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ Updates: The Demon Hunter Is A Game Changer

By Carlo M. , Updated Sep 12, 2016 09:45 AM EDT

"World of Warcraft: Legion's" latest class addition Demon Hunter is changing how the MMORPG is being played by long time fans. It is anticipated to dominate the gaming sector in the latter months.

Fans of "World of Warcraft" have something to look forward to in Legion with the addition of the new class of character the Demon Hunter. In a post by Gamespot, the character is playable in Alliance or Horde factions. Its appearance can be differentiated between the Night and Blood Elf versions. But what really set the Demon Hunter class apart from the others are mobile abilities; they can do double-jumps and even glide to slow down their fall.

And while these movements certainly help at the early stages of the game, there are other actions that will help Demon Hunter users advance. Having great agility makes for a fast paced combat both in attacks and in leaping away from enemy onslaught.

Hunters can execute a back flip called Vengeful Retreat which helps it deflect timed attacks from the enemy. Metamorphosis allows the character to morph into a massive Demon that can jump in the air and slam itself on the ground to stun opposing forces within range. For players who want to see nonstop action, using the Demon Hunter class can be a joy to watch.

Meanwhile, Inverse has the lowdown on how to begin playing "World of Warcraft: Legion" as a Demon Hunter. According to the report, this new class offers agility and mobility plus the ability to charge attacks with Fel magic. But using them effectively requires understanding of what they are as a character in the "World of Warcraft" universe.

Players must know that Demon Hunters are sworn enemies of demons and they will hunt them down at all costs. They use demon essence which allows them to control and use Fel energy. Having this ability comes at a price which is why users can observe their characters can transform into nasty demon like creatures; they are actually being lured by the Burning Legion each time they use Fel magic.

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