Halo 4's Ending And 2012's Best Moments in Video Games

By Juan G. Rodriguez , Updated Dec 18, 2012 04:21 PM EST

Video games have the ability to make your jaw drop during moments of revelation and 2012 was no different. There were many moments in this year's crop of video games that made you stare at the screen in pure disbelief and shock. There were character deaths, victories, defeats and emotional roller coaster. That being said, here are five moments that made gamers drop their controllers in astonishment. Be weary there are some definite spoilers ahead.

5. Assassin's Creed III- Haytham Kenway's Affiliation:

AC3 begins in the year 1754, as Haytham attended an Opera in London, but his true purpose is to obtain an artifact from an attending patron. From there players are whisked away on a chartered ship to Boston, where he meets a young recruit, Charles Lee. The player becomes involved in Haytham's mission and recruiting with only the slightest hint that something isn't right. As we reach our goal as Hatham, we are treated to a pretty sweet plot twist. Haytham is the Grand Master of the Templar Order's Colonial chapter and you just helped him recruit your arch-nemesis Lee.

4. XCOM Enemy Unknown- Death of A Soldier:

You build your squad of badass alien killing soldiers. But there is one special mercenary in your group. You build him up as the perfect mix of offensive and defensive abilities that allow he or she to be a beast on the battlefield. But then that one battle happens, your team is overwhelmed and the alien forces are flanking you and then it happens, Permadeath. While no one will confuse XCOM: Enemy Unknown with narrative driven video games, losing your favorite in-game soldier sucks.

3. The Walking Dead-The Game- Episode 5:

Lee spends the entire season becoming a father figure to Clementine and risks everything to save her in the finale. After finally being reunited with his surrogate daughter, Lee and Clementine must say their final goodbyes. The walkers have infected Lee and despite his best efforts he cannot stop the impending transformation. Players are faced with one the most difficult choices in the history of video games. Players can either have the crying Clementine shoot Lee or leave him to become a monster.

2. Mass Effect 3- Curing the Genophage:

Back in 2007 in the original Mass Effect, gamers were first introduced to the biological weapon known as the Genophage. It was designed to severely reduce the population of Krogan by infecting the species with a genetic mutation that reduced the probability of viable pregnancies in the species. In Mass Effect 2, we meet Mordin Solus, a Salarian geneticist and former operative of the Special Tasks Group, where he participated in the modification of the Genophage. Mordin is deeply haunted by his past deed. In Mass Effect 3, Mordin finds a cure for the Genophage and faces certain death to implement the antidote 

1. Halo 4- The Legendary End:

The first battle of a new war has been won, but the cost was too high. Master Chief and gamers lost a very dear friend and encountered a nearly invincible adversary, who is bent on destroying mankind. Having said his final goodbyes, Spartan-117 is seen walking alone down a long hall and into a facility. The tech team begins removing his armor and then the camera zooms into his visor and it is removed giving gamers a brief glimpse into John's inhuman eyes. Halo 4's ending was the first truly amazing ending in the franchise and finally gave the Chief a soul.  The ending official left a hole in your heart and tears in your eyes.

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