'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Update: Dos & Don’ts in Choosing Your Buddy! Know More About Buddy System!

By Anne Caballo , Updated Sep 15, 2016 09:29 AM EDT

"Pokemon GO" players have been very much excited about the newest feature added on the game. The upcoming Buddy System will allows trainers to choose one of their caught Pokemons to be their buddy.

How Buddy System Works

According to IGN, "Pokemon GO" trainers have the ability to choose their desired Pokemon to be their buddy, which can earn candy when walking on certain distances. Pokemon on their highest evolution level and CP level is not advisable.

The rarity of a certain Pokemon should be considered in choosing for a buddy in "Pokemon GO" since this will depend on the distance you will need to travel before you can get a candy. A chart is available online showing the distance that you will need to walk before receiving candy. The Sliph Road also has its own different data from species stats and movies to Pokemon Buddies

When you are able to evolve your Pokemon Buddy on its highest level in "Pokemon GO," you can always swap your Buddy to another Pokemon. But, make sure that you do it once you receive a candy as the progress you made will be lost when swapping.

Where is the Buddy System?

Niantic has made a huge announcement about its new update on the game "Pokemon GO," which will include the Buddy System last Sept. 10, 2016. The game updates is said to be for both Android and iOS. But as of now, there are still no sight of the announced update in store.

So far, "Pokemon GO" players who are using Android have been depending on APK to play the new update of the game. According to Forbes, every part of the patch has been divided in the last few days like how much distance should a gamer need to get a candy, new easter eggs and Pikachu hopping on your shoulder after walking 10 km with him.

As of writing, Niantic has since been silence after its announcement last Saturday about its latest update. Please stay tuned for more "Pokemon GO" news and updates.

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