Golden DualShock 4 Controllers Out in Nov; PlayStation VR, Other Rumors Sorrounds This New Color

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 14, 2016 05:35 AM EDT

GameStop will exclusively release a gold version of PlayStation DualShock 4 controller in November. Other color variations red, blue and black are available this September.

PlayStation console gamers need not get too hyped up with this new colors. Fact is, they are not going to be of any difference or upgrade compared to the classic 20th anniversary gray featured at Twinfinite. Gold DualShock 4 will feature the same light bar in front of the unit while connectivity will still be via classic USB port or Bluetooth.

If there are no changes whatsoever in the new color of DualShock 4, then what is the point of shelling out $65 for it? The answer is plain and simple, this gold-colored controller is a limited edition and exclusive piece. GameSpot will start shipping them on Nov 21 until May next year only, GameSpot said. Colors red, blue and black will be easier to buy from anywhere starting Sept 15.

Gamers will then have to wonder about other perks in grabbing a golden controller. Who knows, PlayStation is known for freebies when rare Sony products are being sold. But until mid-next year no one can have a good guess about this enigmatic DualShock 4 controller.

Some rumors say that gold DualShock 4 is optimized for PlayStation VR which releases on October. This information can be counted as a hearsay for now as well. There is no statement nor hints from Sony to link colors to the upcoming VR headset.

Meanwhile, there were also three other colors released in July this year. PlayStation DualShock 4 have little-known colors within the metallic family. Steel black and silver were also sold but reports said that they are currently out of stock at Amazon. There was also crystal or see-through variation for those who prefer peeking what's inside their controllers. Personal color preference were surely satisfied with these choices.

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