‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Ditto and Legendary Pokemon Kilometer Requirements Revealed

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Sep 14, 2016 08:27 AM EDT

Latest reports suggest that the next "Pokemon GO" update will add kilometer requirements for Ditto and Legendary Pokemon. Niantic's update, 0.37.0, is supposed to hit the insanely-popular mobile game this month. When it does, it will introduce some amazing features along with a couple of added kilometers especially for Ditto and the Legendary Pokemon.

Players are aware that capturing Ditto is no easy job. In fact it is the rarest of rare Pokemon with a spawn rate almost close to zero. However, it was reported earlier that a trainer was able to capture it. The player, named Cash, even recorded his journey and uploaded the video on YouTube. Thus, it was no "Pokemon GO" cheat or trick in any sense.

Otakukart reported that Redditors found Ditto and all other Legendary Pokemon from the original 151 Pokemon in the game source, recently added in the Buddy Pokemon update. Prior to this, "Pokemon GO" data miners and analysts had also set a theory proving the existence of both Mew and Mewtwo.

They said that both the Pokemon would be event-based. The creatures are yet to be added in the current Eggs list. If added to the upcoming "Pokemon Go" Buddy System, the creatures would prove to be crucial in Gym Battles. The kilometer requirements for Ditto and Legendary Pokemon have also been revealed: Ditto: km_buddy_distance: 3; Mew: km_buddy_distance: 5; Mewtwo: km_buddy_distance: 5; Zapdos: km_buddy_distance: 5; Articuno: km_buddy_distance: 5; and Moltres: km_buddy_distance: 5.

These "Pokemon GO" kilometer requirements have been dug out by data miners from the game's source file. Even though Niantic has not come out with any official update, it's definitely something to make fans excited.

Now that Ditto in "Pokemon GO" is confirmed, the next thing to focus on would be its transformation. Ditto can take forms of other creatures. Even though this is a tough ask, Niantic may choose to introduce it in future.

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