'BioShock: The Collection' Latest News & Update: Is it Already Part of the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 14, 2016 03:00 PM EDT

In the latest Major Nelson update about Games on the Xbox One console, "BioShock: The Collection" is already listed on its library. The bundle includes, "BioShock," "BioShock 2" and "BioShock Infinite."

But, what is really the status of the game when it comes to the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature? Is it part of it, or is the bundle contain new set of games that directly went straight to the console?

One indication, that the "BioShock: The Collection" is an Xbox One backwards compatibility feature, is its apparent origin; the PC via Steam. Fans were not so keen on the arrival of the bundle on the console. Some gamers ask, what's going to happen, now that the Xbox One S just joined the console wars?

Is the "BioShock: The Collection" a remake? Will Microsoft remake every single game whenever a new console comes out? Players who were able to play all three titles in the Xbox 360 console prefer, waiting for the backwards compatibility version to arrive. That way, it will be free and more practical to play.

Meanwhile, it's clear that it's not up to Microsoft, whether the "BioShock" series will end up on the backwards compatible feature or not. The game developer determines whether they want their titles included in the Xbox One backwards compatibility list.

2K has not given any details on the "BioShock: The Collection" coming to the backwards compatible feature. However, previous reports (read back a year ago) revealed that the "BioShock" series are indeed scheduled to arrive on the BC program.

What do you think of this new offer from Microsoft? Are you willing to buy the "BioShock: The Collection" now? Or are you willing to wait until it arrives on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature? For fresh and new update about the bundle, visit us here on GameNGuide.com

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