'Overwatch' Release Date, News & Update: Increased Bandwidth, Reduced Interpolation delay Update Rolled-out BUT Server Errors Persists?

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 15, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

"Overwatch" recently released a new update with high bandwidth and stability that will help keep players with weaker connections in the game. The update offers high quality online play on PCs.

The "Overwatch" lead engineer Tim Ford and "Overwatch" senior engineer Philip Orwig have announced the update in a developer video. PC gamers with lower or substandard connections will be moved to a lower bandwidth grouping to keep the games running smoothly and reliably.

"Overwatch" interpolation delay has also been reduced, taking away the slight lag other PC users experienced in the game. Ford added that this will result in gamers being shot around less and able to predict escape moves better.

Meanwhile, one player has recently been crowned the champion of the race to level 1000, a level which typically requires 16 to 17 hours of in-game time every day, Game Rant reported. Those who have played the game for this long are certain to feel the changes brought by the update.

"Overwatch" update will offer less lagging connections that are expected to improve competitive play. The update also promises to improve reliability of the matches.

The "Overwatch," however, is still not free of server errors. Blizzard recently promoted the game with "Overwatch" Free Weekend which is seen to have backfired.

Problems have occurred during "Overwatch" matches that do not start properly, players suddenly got disconnected from a match during the game, only to come back later and get disconnected again, PlayStation Life reported. The report added that the impending sudden influx of console players still persists  and has put too much strain on the servers despite general better hygiene than their PC counterparts.

Blizzard has not  yet issued an official reaction but is expected to fix the glitches soon. Blizzard is still working on releasing a high bandwidth update of the "Overwatch" for Xbox One and PS4, while the update for PC is also rolling out in stages.

Watch the "Overwatch" developer update in high bandwidth here:

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