'Pokemon Go' Latest Rumors, News & Update: Ditto Still Teased by Niantic; Questions on Inclusion Hinted by CEO

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Sep 15, 2016 03:57 AM EDT

Lately, "Pokemon Go" has surpassed a phase wherein players are seemingly detaching themselves from the mobile game. However, after a few intriguing announcements and hints, interest may be coming back-especially when the shape-shifter Ditto comes to mind.

Pokemon fans will know that Ditto belongs to the first generation of "Pokemon Go" and is allegedly one of the most recognizable creatures to date. At the same time, the pretty pink Pokemon may also be hard to recognize if to put the transforming skill of the said Pokemon into account.

According to Heavy, Ditto's ability to shape-shift is perhaps what validates the creature as one that is difficult to find in "Pokemon Go." With such rarity and absence, some fans may even be questioning its existence from the game.

Despite the multiple bots and hacks that have befallen the game, the search for Ditto is still unceasing, as per The Bit Bag. Niantic CEO John Hanke, after being asked as to whether Ditto is in the game or not, responded a vague yet meaningful statement.

Hanke noted that he cannot tell "Pokemon Go" gamers how to find the said Pokemon since it will take out the enjoyment by doing so. What he does guarantee is that the Pokemon is indeed there, and players simply need to wait as he promised.

Since the community of "Pokemon Go" is spreading exponentially, updates are also being demanded of Niantic in which Hanke says will be consistent. It will come in a biweekly basis, says Hanke, which is aims to deliver more creatures with it.

Ditto is also presumed to have been finally included alongside the "Pokemon Go" Buddy System's launch. Will the pink jelly Pokemon soon surface for the awaiting Trainers?

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