Apple Watch 2, Samsung Gear S3 Release Date, News & Update: Which is Better? Impressive Specs, Features & Price Revealed

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Sep 15, 2016 09:47 AM EDT

It's a fierce competition. On one hand there is the sleek, slender and petite Apple Watch 2 and, on the other the big, hardy and manly Samsung Gear S3 gadget.

The Cupertino-based company announced the Apple Watch 2 on Sept. 7 along with the new smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Samsung hasn't yet provided an official launch date for Samsun Gear S3 though it is rumored to be launched in October.

The Apple Watch 2 costs $399 although a $369 option is also available. Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier prices have not been revealed though the Frontier model with LTE radio will definitely cost more.

As per New Atlas, the app selection advantage tilts towards Apple Watch 2's favor and its watchOS has amazing iOS integration and an Apple-friendly approach. The Samsung Gear S3 runs on Tizen OS that may seem to be a bit disjointed at times.

Both the Apple Watch 2 and Samsung Gear S3 have dual core processors. While the Apple Watch may run on S2 dual core, Gear S3 has an Exynos dual core 1GHz. The Gear S3 watches run on 380mAh batteries that may last up to four days with the always-on display option turned off. Apple Watch Series 2 battery capacity is not known though the devices may last up to 18 hours.

The Apple Watch 2 and Samsung Gear S3 have pulse monitors built into their back sides and both possess the step-tracking feature. Thus, the two serve as pedometer and keeps a tab on users' steps.

Both Samsung Gear S3 and Apple Watch 2 have their own mobile payment options, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Although the two are water-resistant, only Apple has advertised the Watch Series 2's swimming tracking, writes iTech Post.

Zooming in and out of photos, scrolling through a long list, all these are carried out with the help of a crown in the Apple Watch 2. On the other hand, users can accomplish similar things by rotating the bezel in Samsung Gear S3.

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